Meet the Portuguese Dream Team


It’s time to meet the Portuguese Dream Team! The team is made up of Paulo, Ricardo and Paula. Paulo has for several years been helping people find their dream home. Also for some years Paula and Ricardo had been considering buying a place in Portugal, a little getaway place from the big city to wind down and relax. In 2018 they visited Sertã in Central Portugal and fell in love with the place! Eventually, with Paulo’s help, they managed to buy their little slice of heaven (see our Casa do Regedor page!).

They managed to strike up a friendship along the way, and so decided to team up together to help others find their own dream!


Member of Portuguese Dream Team

Paulo is the guy on the ground (he does all the work really), with a wealth of local knowledge and a gift to get along with people.

He knows the region like few and if a house is up for sale he will know about it. His years of experience in the real estate business in the region make him a most precious asset!


Ricardo is Portuguese (the name might have been a clue) and he has lived in the UK for over 15 years.

He’s a keen “DIY’er” and loves nothing more than a house renovation project! He has gained lots of experience over the years in project management, building work and  kitchen/bathroom design in different personal projects.


Meet the Portuguese Dream Team

Paula is a Glasgow girl. She loves property and has been in the property business for over 20 years. If it’s about buying or selling a property, she will probably know about it.

She’s in charge of the pennies and organization is her middle name. She’s a great believer that anything is made better if put on an Excel spreadsheet!