Our Vision for Central Portugal

Regeneration and re-development


We aim to help others achieve the same dream as we did in beautiful Central Portugal. And we can do this through our years of experience in property, and in particular our latest experience in Portugal. We help by providing advice, finding you the right house (with the right paperwork!) and getting you in touch with the right people. Our objective is to facilitate the entire process for buyers and minimize the difficulties of moving to a different country. We are here to help.

Our vision for Central Portugal


Our vision for Central Portugal is not a simple one. But we believe we need to aim high. Despite its beautiful landscapes and history, the inner regions of Central Portugal have for years been losing population. This is because the younger generations have been moving to the developed areas of the coast of Portugal, looking for new opportunities. The result is that Central Portugal has become a region with one of the lowest populational densities in Europe.

But a number of people from other nationalities have in recent years discovered the attraction of this region. And many have been moving into the area.

Central and Local Government are making efforts to attract new people to the region. This has been done with offers of either tax breaks or grants to small businesses. But still, depopulation is a trend difficult to revert.

Having found out, as others have, the charms of Central Portugal, we want to help the region by helping bring people back into the area.

By either retiring, buying a holiday home, setting up businesses or living off-grid, anyone can contribute to the re-development of this region.

And in doing so, we hope that together everyone can bring new ideas, new people and new life into the area. This way, we can bring sustainable development to this beautiful region.

Anyone looking to bring something to the region will find open minds from the local people and local organizations. This is a region that has huge potential! If you want to play your part in our vision, just get in touch with us!