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1 Bed House for sale in Sertã (ID:13858)

Castelo, Sertã, Castelo Branco
€ 110,000
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€ 165,000

2 Bed House for Sale in Sertã (ID:13859)

Várzea dos Cavaleiros, Sertã, Castelo Branco
€ 119,000

4 bed house for sale in Aguda (ID:14629)

Aguda, Figueiró dos Vinhos, Leiria

IMT Calculator Portugal Property – Other useful information


We hope you found our IMT Calculator – Property Tax Portugal useful. Below you can find other pages with handy information about buying property in Portugal.

Buying a property in Portugal, our Ultimate Guide

Read our most comprehensive guide yet to buying a property in Portugal, and all that entails. We have now written a number of articles about buying a property in Portugal and moving to Portugal. This article intends to put all that wealth of information together and hopefully be the source of all the information you need and are looking for.

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Non Habitual Resident Status – What is it about?

Non-Habitual Resident (NHR for short) is a fiscal status that you can apply for and obtain when you move your residence to Portugal. This can be through the European Union Residence Certificate (CRUE) or through a visa applicable to third countries (i.e. D7 visa). NHR status is applicable to highly qualified non-resident professionals and people that are getting pensions.

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Golden Visas – The quickest way to residence in Portugal and EU?

Portugal’s Golden Visas are a very popular option for people wishing to gain residence and invest in property in Portugal. This scheme is available to non-EU, non EEA  and non Swiss citizens and once obtained gives you access to all 26 countries in the Schengen area. Golden visas give you and your immediate family residence rights.

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