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D2 Visa – Immigrant Entrepreneur Visa for Portugal


What is the D2 Visa?

The D2 Visa is for entrepreneurs that wish to, or have already invested in a business in Portugal. If your application is successful, you will then gain residency in Portugal. This will entitle you to live and work in Portugal. And also gives you freedom to travel (but not relocate) within the Schengen area.

What size of investment is needed?

Unlike the Golden Visa, there are no minimum amount requirements. The D2 visa is directed at small and medium enterprises. But it is important that you have a solid business plan and that your business will have an impact in the proposed area of business.

Can I apply?

The D2 Visa is open to non-EU citizens that:

  • either want to start a business in Portugal
  • or already have a business running in Portugal, but have not yet applied for the visa

What requirements do I need to meet for the D2 Visa?

You must meet all requirements that are set by the Portuguese Government. This is because your application will be thoroughly and carefully evaluated by experts, so it cannot be something cobbled up together at the last minute.

So, you must have:

  • a solid, well structured Business Plan
  • a business that has viability
  • adequate capital (Capital Social)
  • solid business reasoning for the creation of the business
  • proof of the financial resources to support the set up and growth of the business
  • proof of experience and connections of business managers in the proposed business area

It is absolutely critical that you have a solid background for your business proposal. It is not uncommon for applicants to have their visas refused.

Can I include my family in the D2 visa?

You can include your spouse, your children and parents (considered dependents).

How do I apply for the D2 visa?

First create your business plan and gather all necessary documents. Then you must contact the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence and request to apply for a D2 Visa.

There is a number of documents needed to support your application:

  • application form
  • passport (minimum 3 months validity for the duration of the stay)
  • 2 good quality passport photos
  • travel insurance, with adequate medical cover and that includes repatriation
  • if you’re not a national in the country you are residing, you need proof that your situation is legalized.
  • criminal record certificate for you and dependents which are 16 or over
  • proof of means of subsistence. This normally means a minimum full wage annual value, plus half that amount for your spouse and €2,160 for children. Minimum wage in Portugal sits currently at around €7,200, but this changes every year.

On average getting your visa, assuming you meet the conditions takes around 180 days. But it could be longer, depending on your particular case.

We hope that you have found this article useful. If you are successful and are then looking to buy a house in Portugal, remember to get in touch with us!

You can also read our articles in other types of visas available, like the D7 Visa and the Golden Visa.

You can also find out more on the Portuguese Home Office website, SEF.



  1. Reply Arjit Pradhan

    Dear Sir, we are 2 applicants who want to apply for Portugal Visa D 2 for opening an export import company in Portugal, each of us can show €7000 in bank account.

    Can you assist us in the procedure with your experience ? Also advise your fees

  2. Reply Zeeshan

    Sir I wanted to apply for d2 visa what payment required for that

  3. Reply Ahsan

    Dear Sir, we are 2 applicants who want to apply for Portugal Visa D 2 for startup entrepreneur, each of us can show €8000 in bank account.

    Can you assist us in the procedure with your experience ? Also advise your fees



  4. Reply Nasir Akram

    Hello Respected sir am from Pakistan I want open shop interior design all kinds of decoration home and office so please give me a detailes for documents required and visa porcce I have international experience 15 years interior design before am working in KSA and bahrain I have registered company in Pakistan my name 2016 establish or I have diploma interior design 2 Year my 2 cahldren 1 wife I want visa with family or opne shop in portugal please send me a detailes for porcce visa or establish business

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