Find out about Central Portugal

An undiscovered gem

Find out about Central Portugal, a beautiful region in  one of the oldest and most settled countries in Europe. Portugal is the furthest western country in Europe and in Central Portugal lies an undiscovered gem of a region, with it’s History and landscapes.

From its largest city, Coimbra with one of the oldest universities in the world (founded in 1290!), to Tomar with the Convento de Cristo, the typical shale house villages spread across the region, to the small riverside town of Sertã there is much to discover and enjoy!

Nazaré is also a global surfing hotspot, regularly in the news for some of the biggest waves around, loved by surfers.

Portugal has been consistently voted the Best Tourist and Retirement Destination over the last few years.

There is something for everyone in Central Portugal, so come and make your dreams come true! Because you can’t skip life!

Come and Discover…


Find out about Central Portugal

Its University is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but this is not all there is to see. With other monuments like the “Sé”, the typical “Fado de Coimbra” melodies and the students in their typical black outfits, this bustling student city has a charm that does not disappoint whenever you visit.


Serta river

Our favourite small town in Central Portugal. Located by the riverside, it has a unique appeal. The legend says that one single woman scared away invaders by pouring boiling oil from a frying pan on them, from the top of the castle walls. Hence the name Sertã – frying pan! Worth visiting or staying!


Find out about Central Portugal

Known as the Venice of Portugal, with the colourful Moliceiro boats, that were used to catch seaweed from the water canals. These are now a touristic attraction, so enjoy the ride and enjoy the beaches. Also, don’t miss the typical confectionery from this city – Ovos Moles!

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