(Concelho de Proença-a-Nova)




Some basic facts about the council of Proença-a-Nova are a population of around 8,300 people and a total area of 395 square km. Located in the eastern side of Central Portugal, it has a beautiful hilly and green landscape. The town of Proença-a-Nova is the largest in the council.  

It is an increasingly popular destination for expats moving to Portugal. With relatively cheap property and providing a quiet, rural environment, the expat community is growing. The conversion of old stone houses and “quintas” with their rustic appeal, seems to be the preferred option for most.

The origins of the town go back to 1244, with its original name being ” Cortiçada”. This was derived from the abundance of cork (“cortiça”) and honey had bee hives (also known as “cortiços”). Eventually the name stopped being used, in favour of the current one, around the 16th century.

This area suffered particularly with the 19th century French invasions. The elderly still tell the tales of this time, with stories passed from generation to generation.

But it’s a different story today, a quiet area with it’s old typical villages. It’s a beautiful area of Portugal for those looking for peace and tranquility.



Most of the essential shops and services can be found in the town of Proença-a-Nova:

  • Supermarket:  Intermarché
  • Health centre – Centro de Saúde
  • Chemists/Drugstores
  • A number of restaurants, coffee shops and bars
  • Schools
  • Opticians
  • Swimming pool
  • Furniture shops
  • Fuel pumps
  • Hardware and ironmongery stores
  • Banks – Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Caixa Agrícola
  • A number of local small shops, including computer shops, stationery stores, clothing, and others.


The council of Proença-a-Nova is divided in 4 localities (freguesias in Portuguese). Proença-a-Nova is the main town within the council. The localities are:

  • Montes da Senhora
  • São Pedro do Esteval
  • União das freguesias de Proença-a-Nova e Peral
  • União das freguesias de Sobreira Formosa e Alvito da Beira



River beaches are a great alternative to traditional beaches, for those living away from the coast. They are incredibly popular in Central Portugal. Usually, these are very well maintained and have a series of amenities such as coffee shops and restaurants and in some cases even water sports. Some of the most popular river beaches in the council of Proença-a-Nova are:




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